Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

    The shop of Christmas Decorations in Winter Wonderland

At the end of last month, a friend and myself went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.
This annual festival started 10 years ago, however I have not been there until this year.
Hyde Park is not so far from the studio, in fact I am able to see the Ferris Wheel lights of the Winter Wonderland from the window.
We went in the early evening and looked around for about one hour. There are a lot of illuminations, shops and some attractions. It is amazing that the attractions are temporary buildings.
Personally, I prefer more local and homely Christmas event but perhaps the family with small children will be able to enjoy this fair.

If you would like to know more about the Winter Wonderland please see the following site.



The shops near the entrance 

The map board of Winter Wonderland in the entrance

The illumination in the center of the venue



The Mansfield Medal for the Best Book in the Competition

  The Annual UK Bookbinding Competition 2016 at the Layton Room of the St. Bride Foundation
On the 10th of November, the Bookbinding Competition 2016 prizewinners announced at St. Bride Foundation in London. This annual Bookbinding Competition has sponsored by Designer Bookbinders and The Folio Society.
There are several awards in the competition. The best prize is called “The Mansfield Medal” named to commemorate Edger Mansfield (OBE) achievements in bookbinding. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Mansfield
The winner is given the silver medal. (Incidentally, the current medal has designed by me in 2001)  
I have so many memories about the annual bookbinding competition and this year is the one of memorable year for the Jade Bookbinding Studio and myself. Delightfully, a studio member Mrs. Yuko Matsuno was awarded the Mansfield Medal this time.
Yuko is the experienced bookbinder in the studio and she already got several awards for previous competitions. Also, this is the first time that one of the “South West London Bookbinding Class”* students has submitted the annual competition. (*Please see this blog November 2015)
My memory of the DB annual bookbinding competition has always with the late Mrs. Lisa von Clemm who past away the beginning of March this year. She was the strong supporter for the Designer Bookbinders and the committee of the annual competition for long time. I still miss her from time to time. The new committee set up the “Lisa von Clemm” prize and it had judged by Ms. Stefanie von Clemm who is Lisa’s daughter and also book artist. I hope that the new committee’s future success and Lisa’s achievement will in succession.  

The Exhibition of the 2016 Annual UK Bookbinding Competition will take place at St Bride Foundation,
Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 8EQ
11th November - Thursday 24 th November 2016
The opening hours are Monday – Friday 12-6pm, Saturday 12–4pm.
このコンペティションには多くの思い出があります、そして今年はスタジオと私にとって思いで深い年のひとつとなりました。今回は喜ばしいことに、スタジオのメンバーである松野有子さんがマンスフィールド・メダルを受賞されました。松野さんはこのスタジオの経験豊かな製本家で、今までのコンペティションで既に数多くの賞を受賞されています。そして、「南西ロンドン製本クラス」* の生徒さんがこのコンペティションに初めて参加をされました。(このクラスのことは201511月のブログにも掲載されています)


The awards ceremony at the Bridewell Hall of the St. Bride Foundation

  The awards were announced by Ms. Patricia Lovett (MBE) and Mr. Thomas Heneage

The Mansfield Medal for the Best Book in the Competition

“Through the Woods” by H. E. Bates / bound by Yuko Matsuno

“South West London Bookbinding Class” student works

(the upper shelf right book and the lower shelf right book)




Takejiro Hasegawa’s Publications

     The illustration in the colophon page of “The Serpent With Eight Heads”

It was five years ago that I saw the Takejiro Hasegawa’s publications for the first time.
I visited the conservation room of the National Diet Library in Tokyo in 2011 and one of the conservators showed me a charming “Chirimen-bon”. “Chirimen” means a crepe paper and many of Hasegawa’s publications made with the crepe paper. Hasegawa started multicoloured woodblock illustrated printing books in the Western languages at the late 19th century in Japan.“Hasegawa’s Japanese Fairy Tale Series” are well known in Western countries.
When I went to the PBFA book fair in March, I saw some “Chirimen-bon”.
Recently, I bound the Japanese Fairy Tale Series No.9 “The Serpent With Eight Heads”( 1st Edition, Later Printing, 1886, plain paper).
Unfortunately, there are some foxing on the front cover, but inside are fairly good condition. I knew the story, however it was very fragmentary memories and it was a good opportunity to read through this story again. I will write about my finished work for another occasion.

If you would like to know more about Takejiro Hasegawa’s Publications please see the following site.

ついこの間、この日本昔噺集 第9話「八岐大蛇」を製本しました。(後期初版、出版1886年、平紙英語版)

The front cover of “The Serpent With Eight Heads”  

“Hasegawa’s Japanese Fairy Tale Series” at the National Diet Library in Tokyo, 2011 


“Hasegawa’s Japanese Fairy Tale Series” at the National Diet Library in Tokyo, 2011 



The Mermaid Inn

     The landscape from the Castle

At the beginning of this month, my husband and myself went to Rye in East Sussex. This was our first visit.
Rye is a small charming port town being not far from London, making it very easy to make good place to visit for the day.
However, we have stayed one night in the historic smugglers inn “The Mermaid Inn “(built in 1420). The corridors creaked and narrow stairs wound all over the place, full of character and beauty. The food was excellent in the hotel restaurant. There is a big fireplace (an Inglenook ) in the bar that makes very homely atmosphere.
Perhaps, one day is more than enough to walk around the town. There are second hand bookshops, some antique shops and art galleries. The Castle and the Church were smaller than I thought. The weather was not brilliant on that day but we could relax and enjoy our time in this small town.


The Mermaid Inn

The Castle

The Church

There is tiny, tiny Church Square


Non Adhesive Binding – Sewing onto Tapes

Non Adhesive Binding – Sewing onto Tape –
Vellum Spine and Decorative Paper cover with Yapp Edge, sewing onto Grosgrain Ribbons

Recently, Jade bookbinding studio gave a workshop in “Non Adhesive Binding – Sewing onto Tapes”. One of my regular students requested the workshop for her project.
Non Adhesive Binding was very popular when I was a student. Especially when Mr. Keith A. Smith published his first book “Non Adhesive Binding” in 1991, the book was very popular with its easy to follow computer drawn diagrams. Many young bookbinders and students bound books using many of the techniques found in this book.
In the late 1990’s , I organised various “Non Adhesive Binding” workshops in Japan and in my studio, however I realized that  Non Adhesive Bindings are not necessary suitable for beginner’s or people who never have little or no experience of bookbinding.
Non adhesive bookbinding would appear to be very easy at first as there is little in the way of tools and equipment needed and of course no adhesives. However, some binding style show sewing thread (ex. Coptic Binding, Exposed Link Stitch ), some binging style making a lot of slits on the covering materials. If the student is not accurate enough, the book will easily become a disaster.
Although, if the student pay attention to work, can produce very nice work relatively in short time, and because of non adhesive, the text block will be able to keep a good condition.  


“ Non Adhesive Binding” by Keith A. Smith 

  The Sample Book for the Workshop at 1995
Indenture Parchment Spine and Elephant Paper cover with Yapp Edge, sewing onto Linen Tapes

 Template for cover, it is important to draw accurate slit position for tapes (ribbons)


Oxford Punt

    The landscape form The Cherwell Boathouse 

I went to Oxford last weekend for a family event.
Oxford is not so far from London and I always felt that it is a nice and present city.
Usually, I go to the city center to visit exhibitions or book fairs.
This time, the family and myself went to The Cherwell Boathouse. I do not know the weekdays atmosphere but when we went to the Sunday evening, it was very calm and quiet. The Cherwell Boathouse is a punt station and also has a nice restaurant.
A Punt is a small boat made for shallow rivers and is propelled by using a long pole.
You may have chance to see a man who is wearing the boater in a punt with pole at river in Oxford. It was a little bit windy but nice and beautiful summer evening.
More information about the punt and the boathouse please see the site as below.



The restaurant of The Cherwell Boathouse 

Out side of The Cherwell Boathouse 

Punts and ducks