Xtra small Exhibition

    “Xtra small” Exhibition at the Museum Meermanno 

The second half of November was quite busy for Christmas workshops in the studio, and all were successfully finished. The William Morris design print cloth was popular among the Japanese participants.

However, perhaps I should begin at the beginning of November as I went to the Netherlands for few days.
The miniature books exhibition “Xtra small” is held in the Museum Meermanno in The Hague until January 2018. “Xtra small” is an international exhibition and competition of miniature bindings competed in 2017, organised by The Dutch Handbookbinding Foundation. I submitted my binding to the competition this spring.
The set book has made for the competition is “The Island” by the Dutch author Greet Mac and translated into English by Liz Waters. The story was written in 1992 and relates to the turbulent period in the 1980’s after wharves and businesses had disappeared from the KNSM (Koninklijke Nederlandese Stoomboot-Maatschappij) Island in Amsterdam. The competition entrants had received three copies of unbound set books.
I bound two copies of the set book with the same cover design and endpapers. However, some binding construction details and edge colour are slightly different. I submitted the book with a light green edge to the competition and it has become part of the collection of the Museum Meermanno. The other book with pale pink edge is now in a private collection in USA.
The Museum Meermanno is charming museum and has wonderful miniature books collection.
Also, it seems that the museum administration is active and the top floor workshop room has an antique atmosphere.
If you would like to know more information about the Museum Meermanno, please visit following site.

I had an interesting few days in The Hague and Amsterdam. And, I would like to mention the other place that is also related to books. I did not plan to go this place, however I had time to spare before going to the airport.
The Amsterdam Central Library is a just few minutes walk from the Amsterdam Central Station.
It has the contemporary interior and book displays. It seems that the system and activity also appeals for young generation. The place is certainly worth seeing.




The Museum Meermanno 
Poster of the “Xtra small” Exhibition 

One of the Workshop rooms at the Museum Meermanno 

The Miniature Library at the Museum Meermanno 

Xtra small” Exhibition at the Museum Meermanno 

Display for the competition set book and the bookbinding at the exhibition 

The completed Design Binding of “The Island”  (Private collection in USA)

“ The Island” endpapers   (Private collection in USA)

The Amsterdam Central Library 

The Amsterdam Central Library 

Information retrieval desks at the Amsterdam Central Library 

Display for an author’s related subjects