Miniature Book

WINE FROM MY GARDEN by Miriam Macgregor 

The Japanese for miniature book is “Mame Hon”. If directly translated into English, “Mame” is bean and “Hon” is book. So in Japan we have Bean Books, which I think is quite sweet.
Some people are keen to make miniature books and some are not.
When I was student at Guildford College, one of my classmates Chris, was always making miniature books. I wonder what does he do now ?
I enjoy making miniature books as well. They are fiddly to make and I quite like the fiddly work. They also give me the chance to experiment.
This year, I had the opportunity to make two miniature design bindings for a bookseller in the USA.  The one is already finished and has been delivered, the another will be finished soon.


The box label is printed by letterpress printing using Victorian Illustration block

The miniature book and 1 pound coin

Endpapers decorated with hand drawn lines, using a technical pen and coloured with pastels and watercolour pencils

The book and the box