The Luttrell Psalter

    The Usher Gallery

During the Christmas holiday, I went to The Collection – Museum of Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire – which is also known as part of The Usher Gallery in Lincoln. This was my second time to visit and the exhibition area has become much more substantial than my first visit a few years ago.
The exhibition room display is mainly related to archaeology (Lincolnshire is well known for archaeology) .
A reprinted edition of “The Luttrell Psalter” with some information about the book is also displayed in the museum.
“The Luttrell Psalter” is a beautiful manuscript made in the first half of the 14th century and it is in the British Library at present. However the book was originally commissioned by Sir Geoffrey Luttrell who was the lord of the manor of Irnham in Lincolnshire. Visitors to the museum are able to see the some of the pages which have been photographed and can be viewed on a digital screen in the exhibition room.
“The Luttrell Psalter” is very rich manuscript and it had drawn full of amazing creatures.
If you would like to know more about the museum and “The Luttrell Psalter”, please visit the following site.

けれどもこの本は本来、リンカン州 アーナムの荘園領主であったジョフリー・ルゥットゥラル卿の依頼で作られた本です。博物館の入館者は展示室でこの本から撮影された数ページをデジタル画面で見ることができるようになっています。「ルゥットゥラル詩篇集」は豪華な写本で見事な未知の生き物が多く描かれています。

 The Collection  – Museum of Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire –

 The view of the Lincoln Cathedral from the museum

 “ Brooch in the form of a seated greyhound” [made in the 2nd Century AD ]
display at the archaeology corner in the museum.

 The reprinted edition of “The Luttrell Psalter