When temporary becomes permanent

The new leather slipcase and the box with the inner lid

When you are busy and do not have much time, you may do something as a temporary measure. For example, when I was student at Guildford Collage, I bought a paring knife, using it nearly every day that meant I carried it everyday. Obviously, the knife needs some protection and I made a temporary case, though I was not happy with the appearance it was functional. Every time I saw this case I think that I should make better one.
However, after many years this case remained temporary but functional.
Recently, I have to carry this paring knife again for the bookbinding class once a week.
I also carry a French paring knife, so I decided to make a proper case for those knifes.
The new box is a posh leather slipcase, in addition the inner lid can be used as a strop.


The old case and my pairing knife  古いケースと革鋤ナイフ

The new leather slipcase and the box with the inner lid  革のケースと刃磨ぎ付きの箱