Spring is beginning


  Alopochen aegyptiacus and crocuses

 These days, the sunrise is before 7am and the sunset is after half past 5pm. Also, we are having unusually mild temperature this February at around 15 degrees which above the average. It seems that spring is beginning.

Monday the 22nd of February, the prime minister announced a “roadmap” for easing the lockdown of restrictions in England. We still have to be cautious of Covid-19 infection, although it seems that favourable sings stared to be seen.

I took a long walk the day before yesterday afternoon, the weather was so nice. As you can see the following photographs that some trees come into bloom with Daffodils and the crocuses in full bloom.






A tree come into bloom in the pathway 

A tree come into bloom in the pathway 

  Daffodils in the small soil square on the pavement 
  Crocuses near the pathway


Daffodils near the pathway 

Crocuses near the Barnes bond