Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

    The shop of Christmas Decorations in Winter Wonderland

At the end of last month, a friend and myself went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.
This annual festival started 10 years ago, however I have not been there until this year.
Hyde Park is not so far from the studio, in fact I am able to see the Ferris Wheel lights of the Winter Wonderland from the window.
We went in the early evening and looked around for about one hour. There are a lot of illuminations, shops and some attractions. It is amazing that the attractions are temporary buildings.
Personally, I prefer more local and homely Christmas event but perhaps the family with small children will be able to enjoy this fair.

If you would like to know more about the Winter Wonderland please see the following site.



The shops near the entrance 

The map board of Winter Wonderland in the entrance

The illumination in the center of the venue