“Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms” at The British Library

  The entrance of the British Library

At the beginning of February, I went to the “Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms” exhibition at the British Library.
I have to say that I have not been to the British Library for a long time. I used to visit the Library every year because the Designer Bookbinders annual bookbinding competition and exhibition was held in the foyer of the British Library up to 2006.
I have not had much chance to visit the Library since then and I found that the exhibition area has changed so much, I think it has changed in a good way. There are more visitors in the library than use to be and it seems that the library has hosted more active exhibitions. The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms was a popular one and a number of my students had also visited the exhibition. It was a substantial exhibition and visitors were able to see many manuscripts including the Lindisfarne Gospel. I also went to the Treasures Gallery and I could see the real Luttrell Psalter (please see the January 2019 in this blog). If you would like to know more about the British Library and “Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms”, please visit the following site.


大英図書館に行ったのは本当に久しぶりです。以前、私は毎年大英図書館に行っていました。というのはデザイナー・ブックバインダーズのコンペティションは 2006年まで毎年大英図書館で行われており、

The exhibition banner of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

The entrance hall (Foyer) of the British Library, The tapestry by R.B. Kitaj

The entrance hall (Foyer) of the British Library

The pamphlet of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms exhibition (Front cover)

The pamphlet of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms exhibition