London Craft Week


  For the last few years Designer Bookbinders have joined London Craft Week (LCW).  A couple of years ago, at St. Bride Foundation, I gave a demonstration (Please see April 2017 blog in this site). 
This year, the DB LCW committee has changed and the new committees have organised the event at new venues. 
First, DB will exhibit their works at Maggs Bros Ltd in Bedford Gardens during the LCFW and the day of events are held at “The Lib-rary” which is located in near Maggs Bros. “The Lib-rary” is a private members club. Fortunately, the new DB LCW committees are the members of the club therefore we will be held on the events there, non members can attend the workshops and events held there.
I will exhibit two books for the LCW exhibition, one book that I made long time ago and the other book I recently altered the front cover from the previous binding. This binding is about the Hawthorn and I had used several colours of the Japanese paper that the senior alumna of my former university had given me a few years ago. These Japanese paper are about B4 size and about 50 different colours. She bought these papers for long time ago therefore these types of colours are not available in the shops nowadays. I like these subtle colours that the old Japanese papers. 
The Hawthorn’s binding construction is Tekagami-jo (Japanese concertina style of the book form) and the front and back cover had decorated with paper onlays and inlays. I used some pastel and print on the paper that I used for the onlays and inlays then cut individually. I hope that the senior alumna likes my way of using for these paper.

LCW will held between 8th to 12th of May this year.
If you would like to know more about the LCW, please visit the website as below.


まず、DBはベドフォード・ガーデンズにある老舗の古書店Maggs Brosにて作品を展示することになり、イベントはMaggs Brosの近くの「The Lib-rary」で行われることになっています。「The Lib-rary」は会員制のクラブです。幸いにも新しい委員がこのクラブの会員なのでここでイベントを行うことができることになりました。そして会員ではない人もワークショップやイベントに参加することができます。


Japanese paper that I have used for the binding

Different colours of Japanese paper