Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex (The Forster Codices)

  Codex Forster II²

 My Japanese friend visited England this summer. During her stay in London we went to several places and we could have enjoyable time. One day, we went to the Victoria & Albert Museum. The V&A is not far from my place, however I usually only go to this museum for special exhibitions or things of a bookbinding nature, so I did not pay much attention for the permanent exhibition. On the day, I arranged to meet the acquaintance, who is a book and paper conservator in the V&A. She recommended to see the Leonardo da Vinci Codex in the Medieval & Renaissance room. Initially, we could not find the display cabinet, walking passed itWe then backtracked and found Da Vinci’s notebook. The note book is tiny and it is housed in a surprisingly ordinary display cabinet with digital explanation stand. Both my friend and I found this book to be of great interest.
The V&A has five of Leonardo’s notebooks, bound together in three volumes. These books called “The Forster Codices”.
We saw the “Codex Forster II²” (about 1495-97) that was compiled over a number of years while Leonardo worked for Duke Ludovico Sforza in Milan. It contains notes and diagrams on the theory of weights, stresses and balances.

If you would like to know more about the “The Forster Codices” please see the following site.

V&Aは5つのレオナルドのノートをまとめて3冊にしたものを所蔵しており、それらは「フォスター・コデックス」と呼ばれています。展示されていたものは「コデックス フォスター II²」(1495-97年ごろ)でレオナルドがミラノのルドヴィーコ・スフォルツァにつかえていた多くの年月の資料が編集されたものです。重量、圧力、均衡に関する理論と図式が収集されています。

The Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex is designated on this floor plan as red dot. (V&A Room 64)

Codex Forster II²