Thames Pathway and Parakeets

    A Parakeet in the tree

The Thames Pathway is a very popular route for cyclists, joggers, dog walkers and walkers in London. It seems that many people have enjoyed using the pathway during the Christmas Hollidays.
I also walk the Thames Pathway at least once a week. Most of the time I walk between the south side of Hammersmith Bridge to Barnes Bridge and occasionally I will walk from Hammersmith Bridge following the pathway around the London Wetland Center. The landscape of the winter Pathway is not as colourful as in other seasons, however it is easy to find colourful Parakeets.
Since I moved to Barnes, I have had the chance to watch various birds, home stay and migrating. The Parakeet is the one of these birds who are with us all year round.
The Parakeets in Barnes originally come from India as pet birds, some escaped their cages, becoming wild. The same phenomenon has occurred in other cities in the world and it happened in Tokyo as well.
I enjoy watching the Parakeets but they are very noisy. If you would like to know more about Parakeet, please see the following site.

サイクリスト、ジョギングをする人、犬を連れて歩く人、そしてお散歩をするにとってテームズ川沿いの小道はとても人気のある道筋です。このクリスマスの休暇中多くの人達がこの小道を通ることを楽しんでいたようです。私も少なくとも週に一回はテームズ川沿いの道を歩きます。ほとんどの場合、ハマースミス橋南側とバーンズ橋までの間を歩きますが、たまにハマースミス橋からロンドン湿地センターを回り込むこともあります。冬の小道の眺めは他の季節ほど色彩に富んではいませんがカラフルなパラキートは見つけやすいです。 バーンズに移ってきてからは、ここに滞在しているものから渡り鳥まで様々な鳥を見る機会がありました。パラキートはここに1年を通してずっといる鳥のひとつです。バーンズのパラキートはもともとインドからペットとしてきたものが籠から逃げ出して野生化したもので、同じ現象は世界の他の都市でも発生しており東京でも起こっています。私はパラキートを見るのを楽しんでいますが鳴き声はかなりうるさいです。パラキートに関しての詳しい情報は上記サイトをご覧ください。

  The Thames Pathway between the  Hammersmith Bridge and the Barnes Bridge

  The Thames Pathway and the River Thames

  The Old tree fell over in strong wind

  A Parakeet in the tree

  A Parakeet in the tree

  A group of Parakeets in the trees


Xtra small Exhibition

    “Xtra small” Exhibition at the Museum Meermanno 

The second half of November was quite busy for Christmas workshops in the studio, and all were successfully finished. The William Morris design print cloth was popular among the Japanese participants.

However, perhaps I should begin at the beginning of November as I went to the Netherlands for few days.
The miniature books exhibition “Xtra small” is held in the Museum Meermanno in The Hague until January 2018. “Xtra small” is an international exhibition and competition of miniature bindings competed in 2017, organised by The Dutch Handbookbinding Foundation. I submitted my binding to the competition this spring.
The set book has made for the competition is “The Island” by the Dutch author Greet Mac and translated into English by Liz Waters. The story was written in 1992 and relates to the turbulent period in the 1980’s after wharves and businesses had disappeared from the KNSM (Koninklijke Nederlandese Stoomboot-Maatschappij) Island in Amsterdam. The competition entrants had received three copies of unbound set books.
I bound two copies of the set book with the same cover design and endpapers. However, some binding construction details and edge colour are slightly different. I submitted the book with a light green edge to the competition and it has become part of the collection of the Museum Meermanno. The other book with pale pink edge is now in a private collection in USA.
The Museum Meermanno is charming museum and has wonderful miniature books collection.
Also, it seems that the museum administration is active and the top floor workshop room has an antique atmosphere.
If you would like to know more information about the Museum Meermanno, please visit following site.

I had an interesting few days in The Hague and Amsterdam. And, I would like to mention the other place that is also related to books. I did not plan to go this place, however I had time to spare before going to the airport.
The Amsterdam Central Library is a just few minutes walk from the Amsterdam Central Station.
It has the contemporary interior and book displays. It seems that the system and activity also appeals for young generation. The place is certainly worth seeing.




The Museum Meermanno 
Poster of the “Xtra small” Exhibition 

One of the Workshop rooms at the Museum Meermanno 

The Miniature Library at the Museum Meermanno 

Xtra small” Exhibition at the Museum Meermanno 

Display for the competition set book and the bookbinding at the exhibition 

The completed Design Binding of “The Island”  (Private collection in USA)

“ The Island” endpapers   (Private collection in USA)

The Amsterdam Central Library 

The Amsterdam Central Library 

Information retrieval desks at the Amsterdam Central Library 

Display for an author’s related subjects 


The William Morris Society and The Christmas Workshops

     The William Morris Society, one of the Basement rooms

William Morris is a very popular figure with Japanese people and anyone who has studied art, design, fashion, history of arts and bookbinding.
Recently, my university alumnae visited London. They visited several places related to William Morris, the Red House, the V&A museum and the William Morris Society were amongst the places they visited.

The William Morris Society is very near my studio. Just across Hammersmith Bridge and about a 5minute walk from the bridge. However, it is open to the public only on Thursday and Saturday afternoons.
The society is based in the coach house and the basement rooms in the former Morris’s London house. The main house (Kelmscott House) is now privately owned and is not open to the public. However, the society is provides a video showing each room as it was in the time that Morris lived there. There are three rooms in the basement, one of the rooms is the printing room and has a working printing machine.
The exhibiting rooms are only three and are all small rooms. Although, if you are interested in Kelmscott Press, Doves Press, William Morris, Emery Walker and T.J.Cobden-Sanderson, it is worth visiting and walk around in the area. Once they (Morris, Walker and Cobden-Sanderson) all lived nearby and Emery Walker’s House is open for public as well. It is a nice autumn walk by the river Thames. If you would like to know more information please visit following site. Also, a little bit of information about the Doves Press Type in this blog (January 2016)

The Studio has created two kinds of Christmas workshops using the Liberty Print by William Morris design (Strawberry Thief). If you would like to know more information, please click the CHRISTMAS WORKSHOPS page as above.



スタジオではウィリアム・モリスがデザインしたリバティ布(いちご泥棒)を使ったノートと箱を作るクリスマス・ワークショップを2つご用意いたしました。詳細、参加方法に関しては上記のCHRISTMAS WORKSHOPSのページをクリックしてください。ワークショップの後にウィリアム・モリス協会にもお立ち寄りいただけるように2つとも木曜日に設定してあります。

The William Morris Society. The coach house  

The nameplate  

The William Morris Society. The coach house entrance  

The exhibition room of the coach house  

  The printing machine in the basement room

  The Instruction board with "Strawberry Thief" image


The Christmas Workshops at Jade Bookbinding Studio
 Please click CHRISTMAS WORKSHOPS page as above  


Shakespeare in the Garden

     “Shakespeare in the Garden” at Red Lion in Barnes

During the first weekend of September there was a performance of one of Shakespeare's plays in a local pub garden. The public house (Pub) in England has always changed over time. These days, people are not going to pubs as much as they used to. During this century many pubs have closed with even popular pubs struggling to survive in this difficult climate. The Red Lion is a popular family orientated (and dogs friendly) pub in Barnes, however the owners of the Red Lion try to plan more events throughout the year to keep the pub in the eye of the public. “Shakespeare in the Garden” is one of the pub events and is now in its 4th year. It has organised by a big brewery and this year play was “The Comedy of Errors”.
The play has performed by 6 professional actors plus Tom, a member of the audience, who took part in the play on the spur of the moment. (The play ran for three nights, each night this part had performed by different local Barnes person).
I am not keen on live performances, however I found this play fairly interesting, the actors were so energetic and fun. There are 15 characters in this play. The 6 actors were busy changing their costumes and voices for the different characters. They performed magnificently and 84 years old Tom’s support was so sweet. In fact, I assume that Tom is a former actor or something related, because his voice carried so well and his acting was so good.
The atmosphere was good. The audience seemed very comfortable in the pub garden. They were able to drink and eat as usual. The Red Lion also prepared a special menu (curry and cuscus) for the play. All of the pub staff were wearing the promotional T-shirts and they supplied well printed catalogue (it is not the B&W photocopy). It is only small local event but it have done very professionally and we all satisfied.
After this event, I felt that the summer is completely over.

(会場の)雰囲気はとても良く、観客はパブの中庭で居心地が良さそうでした。中庭での飲食は自由でしたし、レッド・ライオンはこのお芝居の為に特別なメニュー(カレーとクスクス)も用意していました。スタッフは全員宣伝用のTシャツを着てサービスにあたり、立派に印刷された(白黒のコピーなどではない)カタログも提供されました。本当に地元の小さな催ものですが 全てなかなかの出来栄えで皆満足していました。

Perform “The Comedy of Errors” 

The promotional T-shirts 

6 actors and actresses  

  The catalogue