New Japanese Binding Workshop

Nobiru Gajo and Nori-ire Gajo


10月からWorkshopJapanese Binding Workshopの内容を一部変更することにしました。
内容は、Japanese Binding でご覧いただけますが、ここではそれを設定するまでの作業の一部をご紹介します。

I do not know why, but my blog format changed suddenly.
Some space has disappeared and a white frame has appeared around my posts.
I understand that it is not a nice layout but it takes sometimes to repair of this layout, so please overlook this layout for while.

From this October, I have a new series of courses in Japanese bookbinding.  After spending some time studying the various forms of book binding in Japan, looking at variations and making them, I decided on two book forms as an introduction to Japanese Bookbinding.
Both have the beauty and charm that are instantly recognisable with the art and craft of Japanese bookbinding.

To see the contents of the new workshop, please go to “Japanese Binding” page in my blog.

Miniature models

Construction of “Nori-ire Gajo”

Half way of making “Nori-ire Gajo”

Half way of making “Nobiru Gajo”