Little Giant

    The Little Giant :  Left / Curve Plane  Right / Flat Plane

The “Little Giant” is one of my favourite tools. The “Little Giant” is not a ladder. It is mini leather paring tool for bookbinding. It was initially designed for model makers, however it can also be used by the bookbinder.
It was a present for my commemorative year’s birthday, therefore I do not know how to get it. 
However, perhaps it can be found on the internet these days.
Each bookbinder uses various tools for leather paring. Some binders use the spoke shave and others are using a round bladed (French) paring knife. When I pare the leather for a leather bound book, I use the Schärf-Fix, the French paring knife and occasionally this “Little Giant”. It has similar structure of the spoke shave but it use the disposable razor blade as same as Schärf-Fix. I do not know why but I fell in love with the “Little Giant” at first sight.

「リトル・ジャイアント」は梯子ではありません(パソコンで Little Giant と検索すると、まず梯子が出てきます)。この道具は製本で革を鋤く時に使います。初めは模型製作用に作られたものですが、製本家によっても使われています。

The Little Giant Box


The curve plane of “Little Giant”


The flat plane of “Little Giant”

The Spoke Shave


The French Paring Knifes


The Schärf-Fix


  The instruction sheet of “Little Giant”