Shop Local


      Barnes Green. Already half of the leaves of the tree are fallen on the ground.

It seems that the Covid-19 situation in UK is going in the wrong direction since I wrote last month blog.

Unfortunately, the number of corona virus cases is increasing in a lot of areas.

I have hardly gone out from Barnes since March this year. It is not only because of Covid-19, Hammersmith bridge is completely closed and even pedestrians have not allowed to across the bridge since August. Therefore even when the lock down restrictions started to ease this summer, it is quite difficult to across the Thames which causes a lot of problems for Barnes people. Hence, I walk around and shop in Barnes High Street much more than before.

Also, the council try to support the local economy and they encourage the people shop locally.

Some shops have changed, more than probably because of Covid-19. Although, basic and popular shops are still open for business. It seems that the hair salons and barbershops have increased with the cafés and pubs creating more open spaces in sitting areas.

Sadly, while I am writing of this blog, the government announced the new national lock down in England for a month.






The banner sign of the Richmond council “Shop Local”
Two Peas in a Pod.  This vegetable shop is always popular.

The Ginger Pig. The Butcher. It is very busy before Christmas 

The Real Cheese Shop. Scrumptious ! 

The Hardware Shop. I depend on this shop very much. 
The next door is The Barnes Fish shop it is also very popular.

Gerry Summers. 
The jewelry shop that made the DB international bookbinding competition silver award prizes.

& Feast. My favorite Café. 
The shop create the open air sitting space on the green of the other side of the street.

OSO Arts Center Café. 
They also create the open drinking space in front of the center.

Gail’s. The bread shop and café.