SOB Conference 2019

    The Chancellors’ Building at the University of Bath (SOB Conference Centre)

For a long time the Society of Bookbinders has organised a biennial education & training conference.
It is well known internationally in the bookbinding world and it is very well organised most of the time.
This year’s conference was had held in the University of Bath form August 29th to September 1st.
Last year I was contacted by the organiser requesting me to talk about “Sunago” (gold and silver sprinkle) to demonstrate at this years conference.
Each speaker had 75 minutes with a repeat of the same talk (or demonstration) on the second day as well. I was scheduled for the Friday early afternoon and Saturday early morning. In my session, I combined a Sunago’s demonstration and a talk about Japanese gold leaf from the Kanazawa region. Therefore, I had used two screens. One screen showed my demonstration using a small camera on the table catching my hand movement.
The 2nd screen was used to show the slides for my talk. It seems that this presentation worked quite well in the 75 minutes. The speakers are also able to attend the other speakers session in their free time. During the conference, I could meet a lot of new bookbinders (I means that new for me) as well as familiar faces. I have really enjoyed to been in the conference.

If you would like to know more about the SOB conference 2019, please visit the website as below.




The audiences at the Lecture room 3 (Saturday early morning session)


Talking about the Kanazawa Gold Leaf with slide screen


Two screens. The left screen shows the tools and paper of Sunago 
and the right screen shows the gold leaf studio at Kanazawa.

My hand movement during the demonstration 

  My hand movement during the demonstration

My hand movement during the demonstration