Close and Open

   “Green and Stone” on the Fulham Road

It is of no recent date however many high street shops are having to close down in the UK and even well known, household names and big department stores are reducing their branches. Recently, my favourite shoe shop had to close down. In doing so my life a little uncomfortable.
I have mentioned the art shop “Green and Stone” in a previous blog (please see February’s blog 2016).
“Green and Stone” is one of my favourite shops in London. The shop is full of character and one of longest-standing retailers at Kings Road, Chelsea. It is located near the Chelsea Arts Club and many artists have visited this shop, purchased materials and created many works. When I heard the “Green and Stone” is closing the shop at Kings Road on the BBC London news, I was so disappointed that such a situation happened.
However, it is not closing down. The shop has moved to the Fulham Road and reopened. The new shop is still near the Chelsea Arts Club and the area has posh and mature atmosphere. The shop has newly renovated and has the look of contemporary. The new display cabinet looks nice and still got a full of character. I like the new shop.
Although, I miss the old “Green and Stone”, somehow it was always remind me the time when I was the student of Guildford College. Perhaps, my old-fashioned nostalgia.
If you would like to know more about the new “Green and Stone”, please visit the following site.



The antiquarian book shop on the corner of the Fulham Road and the Old Church Stree 

The flower stand on the other side corner of the Fulham Road and the Old Church Street

The Chelsea Arts Club on the Old Church Stree 

The entrance of the Chelsea Arts Club  

The window display of the new “Green and Stone”

The old “Green and Stone” on the Kings Road