Moments of Vision

       “Moments of Vision” Book & Box

Recently, I bound the book that is entitled “Moments of Vision” for the Designer Bookbinders exhibition at “Collect”.
 "Moments of Vision" is based on a lecture given by Kenneth Clark (Baron Clark) on the visual arts.
This lecture was the Romanes Lecture in Oxford in 1954. Clark went on to edit his lecture notes for publication.
Kenneth Clark was an art historian and a well known presenter for the BBC television series “Civilisation” in 1969.
I read his book “Looking at Pictures” when I was an art student and it is one of my favourite books.

The design for my binding is derived from the part of the lecture notes that the landscape of daffodils gave a "moment of vision" for the artist, the poet Sir W. Wordsworth.
The end papers are hand drawn in pastels, suggesting fields of daffodils leading onto abstracted designs of daffodils on the doublers. The abstracted daffodil design continues onto the cover with circular motifs in leather combined with yellow linen thread, expressing further visions of daffodils.

 “Collect” is the international art fair for contemporary objects that presented by Crafts Council.
This year Designer Bookbinders decided to join this fair and some of the Fellows and Licentiates have submit their books for this show. It is a new approach for the work of Designer Bookbinders to be alongside different art and craft work. I like this idea, however I am not sure if my work is suitable for “Collect”.

The “Collect” exhibition open 2nd to 6th of February 2017.
If you would like to know more about the “Collect” please see the following site.





“Moments of Vision” Inner Endpapers 

“Moments of Vision” Doublers 

“Moments of Vision” Cover