Picking Blackberries

“Leg O Mutton”

When you see this months blog pictures, it appears that I went to the country for a holiday.
No, these pictures were all taken in Barnes, London.
There is the mile-long perimeter path over the reservoir called “Leg O Mutton”. It is only 5 minutes walk from the studio, however I did not notice the existence until last autumn. Various water birds are come to this reservoir and the pathway is relatively quiet compared to the Thames River pathway, it is the ideal place fordaily stroll.
Recently I found a lot of blackberry bushes and people were picking some blackberries to eat on the way. I noticed a family there picking baskets full. Last weekend, I invited my friend for this seasonal event, although “Picking Blackberries” is the first experience for me.
We both realised that gloves are a necessary item as we were both pricked by thorns several times. While we were picking blackberries, a local lady talked us saying that this year’s berries are not as good as usual because of bad weather this year. However, we could pick enough for both of us and I could make a small mount of jam.


The sign for “Leg O Mutton”

“Leg O Mutton” pathway

Swan and ducks in the reservoir



Blackberry thorns