The Mermaid Inn

     The landscape from the Castle

At the beginning of this month, my husband and myself went to Rye in East Sussex. This was our first visit.
Rye is a small charming port town being not far from London, making it very easy to make good place to visit for the day.
However, we have stayed one night in the historic smugglers inn “The Mermaid Inn “(built in 1420). The corridors creaked and narrow stairs wound all over the place, full of character and beauty. The food was excellent in the hotel restaurant. There is a big fireplace (an Inglenook ) in the bar that makes very homely atmosphere.
Perhaps, one day is more than enough to walk around the town. There are second hand bookshops, some antique shops and art galleries. The Castle and the Church were smaller than I thought. The weather was not brilliant on that day but we could relax and enjoy our time in this small town.


The Mermaid Inn

The Castle

The Church

There is tiny, tiny Church Square