Revenge – Kimono’s and Yoko Ogawa

REVENGE by Yoko Ogawa  Silk Bound Edition

Last month, I was busy making 100 book jackets [Chemise] in Japanese Kimono Silk.
They are for a special edition of “Revenge” by Yoko Ogawa who is a well known author in Japan.
Perhaps she is best known as the author of “The Housekeeper and The Professor” which was made into a film in 2006.
Though I do not usually undertake edition work of this size I found this project most interesting.
Perhaps, the reason is that I could use good quality materials. The feel of silk is nice and is a pleasure to work with.
The design remit was that the chemise had to be in Kimono silk. Finding good quality Kimono silk whilst remaining in budget could have been a problem without the excellent advise and help of my friend Kyoko. Kyoko is a specialist in Kimonos and Kimono silk. In the end I used three different patterns. Two patterns that I bought as bolts (buying bolts of Kimono silk is very traditional, as people have their kimonos made by specialists) and the other being a vintage Kimono. Each chemise is individually hand made with no two being the same.
Whilst the construction of the Chemise appears elegant and simple, the devil is in the detail; making the Kimono silk suitable to use, forming the various components around the book and so on.
In the end I was very happy with the final look, feel and evocative essence of the chemise, I am pleased to say that the publisher was also delighted.

For more details about “Revenge”, the limited edition chemises and Yoko Ogawa please follow the link.



Publisher sent me this book.“Revenge” Full cloth, hard cover case binding.

Measuring the book with paper for Chemise

Prepared the templates for cloth and other tools

Folding the paper backed Kimono Silk with template

After turn in, put it between gray boards

Inside of the Chemise.

Book with Chemise

Pile of Chemise on my studio table