Barnes Fair

    Barnes Pond  13.7.2013

今月は地元の話題です。毎年7月の始めの土曜日にBarnes Fairという催しが行われます。
Barnesの中心にBarnes Pondという池があるのですが、その周りに100店ほどの出店や屋台が並び、また側の敷地には子供向けにメリーゴーランドや機関車なども設置されます。一住宅地のお祭りとしてはかなり規模が大きいと思います。
Barnes Pondは、普段は鴨や白鳥しかこない静かな池なのですが、フェア当日はBarnes以外からも多くの人が訪れます。特に今年はお天気もよくて大勢の人でごったがえしておりました。

This month topic is a local event. The Barnes Fair is an annual event on the Saturday at beginning of July. It is a relatively big event organised by such a small residential area. Approximately 100 stalls and food stands gathered near Barnes Pond, located in central of Barnes. Also, the Merry-go-round and the locomotive are set on the green for children.
Usually, Barnes Pond is a quiet place for ducks and swans. On the day of the fair, a lot of Barnes residents are gathering and also many people come from outside Barnes. Especially this year was so crowded because it was favored with fine weather throughout the whole day.
The various stalls included antique furniture, household utility, bookshops, old clothes,
antiques and fruits shop etc. There used to be the scooping goldfish stand that I could not notice this year. High street shops are also setting up the special table in front of their shops. Recent years, the church bicycle bazaar is very popular and people had been queuing up early in the morning.
Sometimes, I head announce for lost property, such as camera, credit card etc. However, the next announce is one of the most frequently head.
“We have a child here looking for his (her) parents”
Perhaps, Barnes is a peaceful town still.

    Merry-go-round at Barnes Fair 13.7.2013

    Barnes Fair 13.7.2013

                            Barnes Fair 13.7.2013

                            St. Mary’s Barnes Church