Christmas Holiday in Lincoln

Lincoln Cathedral [South side]

During the Christmas Holiday, I went to Lincoln in Lincolnshire.
The city of Lincoln is a charming place, located in North East of England.
Lincoln is a famous for its Cathedral and the Library has holds one of the Magna Carta.
In the back yard of the Cathedral, there is a statue of Alfred Tennyson who was born in Lincolnshire.
Lincoln High Street is almost same as other cities that have shopping centre with the usual chain stores and coffee shops.
However, there are a lot of nice individual shops around the Cathedral and the Castle area. "The Straight" and “Steep Hill” form the very steep and winding road from the top of the high street to Castle Square. On one side of castle square is the Cathederal on the other Lincoln castle.
The antiquarian bookshop “Harlequin Gallery” is the one of the nice shop on Steep Hill. It is half timbered and is about 450 years old. Nearby there is a chocolate shop and "Imperial Teas", both of which I enjoy shopping in.


A statue of Alfred Tennyson

Information Centre on Castel Square

Lincoln Castel

Light up Lincoln Cathedral [Front]

Harlequin Gallery