Kadenshinsho / 花伝心抄

  “Kadenshinsho” cover design

Last year, I bound a collection of photographs by Ms. Michiko Nanzawa who is a floral artist in Japan.
I got to know Ms. Nanzawa in 2015 through one of my high school friends.
She graduated from the “Constance Spry Flower School” in London and recently she established own her company “Hana tayori”(=messages from flowers) in Tokyo. (more about her information please see the website as below).

The contents of the book are a collection of essays that relate with seasonal flowers by the artist and each page has a photograph of her work.  When she commissioned me, she mentioned that she likes the Japanese brush stroke calligraphy title on her book that written by her mentor for this book publish, and also burgundy is one of her favorite colours. Therefore the cover design has become a combination with the Japanese calligraphy and seasonal flowers. Those flowers are represent each season and relate to her flower arrangement in the book. The book is full leather binding with hand dyed leather onlays and leather cut into designs. The endpapers are hand drawn in pastel, using the bell flowers for the motif. I try to make especially flowery expression endpapers. I hope it gives nice surprise when people open this rather quiet cover design book.

彼女はロンドンの「コンスタンス スプライ フラワースクール」を卒業し、この春東京で「花たより」という会社を設立されました。(南澤さんの詳細に関しては上記のウェブサイトをご覧ください)

  “Kadenshinsho” endpapers

  The box

“Kadenshinsho” front cover  

“Kadenshinsho” back cover