Easter Bunny

Easter Bunnies and Easter eggs

This year Easter Sunday is on 20th of April and it is quite late compared to other years.
But the food shops and supermarkets are already full of Easter items. The Easter Bunny chocolate is cute and can be a nice small present but it is a little bit fragile.
Sometime last week, I woke up early morning and an idea flashed into my mind.
I would like to put Easter Bunny Chocolate in the yellow small box with a small Easter Egg. So, I made the small box for the Bunny and Egg as below.
This method is a quick way for making box without special tools and 1mm grey board is easy to cut and fold.


The box for Easter present

You only need these materials
1 cloth for tray /  1  paper for lid  / 
2 grey board (1mm) for tray and lid  ( thin cream colour paper pasted on the grey board )

First, measure a bunny’s height, width and depth

Marking folding line with divider
ディバイダーを使い、 折山の線の印をつけます

Cutting off four corners

Cutting cover cloth and glued cloth wrapped round
カバーする布を 切った後、布にボンドをつけてくるみます

Measure lid board using with tray. The way of making lid is same as tray.

A Bunny and an Easter egg in the box

Other box for small bunnies