Takejiro Hasegawa’s Publications

     The illustration in the colophon page of “The Serpent With Eight Heads”

It was five years ago that I saw the Takejiro Hasegawa’s publications for the first time.
I visited the conservation room of the National Diet Library in Tokyo in 2011 and one of the conservators showed me a charming “Chirimen-bon”. “Chirimen” means a crepe paper and many of Hasegawa’s publications made with the crepe paper. Hasegawa started multicoloured woodblock illustrated printing books in the Western languages at the late 19th century in Japan.“Hasegawa’s Japanese Fairy Tale Series” are well known in Western countries.
When I went to the PBFA book fair in March, I saw some “Chirimen-bon”.
Recently, I bound the Japanese Fairy Tale Series No.9 “The Serpent With Eight Heads”( 1st Edition, Later Printing, 1886, plain paper).
Unfortunately, there are some foxing on the front cover, but inside are fairly good condition. I knew the story, however it was very fragmentary memories and it was a good opportunity to read through this story again. I will write about my finished work for another occasion.

If you would like to know more about Takejiro Hasegawa’s Publications please see the following site.

ついこの間、この日本昔噺集 第9話「八岐大蛇」を製本しました。(後期初版、出版1886年、平紙英語版)

The front cover of “The Serpent With Eight Heads”  

“Hasegawa’s Japanese Fairy Tale Series” at the National Diet Library in Tokyo, 2011 


“Hasegawa’s Japanese Fairy Tale Series” at the National Diet Library in Tokyo, 2011