Non Adhesive Binding – Sewing onto Tapes

Non Adhesive Binding – Sewing onto Tape –
Vellum Spine and Decorative Paper cover with Yapp Edge, sewing onto Grosgrain Ribbons

Recently, Jade bookbinding studio gave a workshop in “Non Adhesive Binding – Sewing onto Tapes”. One of my regular students requested the workshop for her project.
Non Adhesive Binding was very popular when I was a student. Especially when Mr. Keith A. Smith published his first book “Non Adhesive Binding” in 1991, the book was very popular with its easy to follow computer drawn diagrams. Many young bookbinders and students bound books using many of the techniques found in this book.
In the late 1990’s , I organised various “Non Adhesive Binding” workshops in Japan and in my studio, however I realized that  Non Adhesive Bindings are not necessary suitable for beginner’s or people who never have little or no experience of bookbinding.
Non adhesive bookbinding would appear to be very easy at first as there is little in the way of tools and equipment needed and of course no adhesives. However, some binding style show sewing thread (ex. Coptic Binding, Exposed Link Stitch ), some binging style making a lot of slits on the covering materials. If the student is not accurate enough, the book will easily become a disaster.
Although, if the student pay attention to work, can produce very nice work relatively in short time, and because of non adhesive, the text block will be able to keep a good condition.  


“ Non Adhesive Binding” by Keith A. Smith 

  The Sample Book for the Workshop at 1995
Indenture Parchment Spine and Elephant Paper cover with Yapp Edge, sewing onto Linen Tapes

 Template for cover, it is important to draw accurate slit position for tapes (ribbons)