Shakespeare in the Garden

     “Shakespeare in the Garden” at Red Lion in Barnes

During the first weekend of September there was a performance of one of Shakespeare's plays in a local pub garden. The public house (Pub) in England has always changed over time. These days, people are not going to pubs as much as they used to. During this century many pubs have closed with even popular pubs struggling to survive in this difficult climate. The Red Lion is a popular family orientated (and dogs friendly) pub in Barnes, however the owners of the Red Lion try to plan more events throughout the year to keep the pub in the eye of the public. “Shakespeare in the Garden” is one of the pub events and is now in its 4th year. It has organised by a big brewery and this year play was “The Comedy of Errors”.
The play has performed by 6 professional actors plus Tom, a member of the audience, who took part in the play on the spur of the moment. (The play ran for three nights, each night this part had performed by different local Barnes person).
I am not keen on live performances, however I found this play fairly interesting, the actors were so energetic and fun. There are 15 characters in this play. The 6 actors were busy changing their costumes and voices for the different characters. They performed magnificently and 84 years old Tom’s support was so sweet. In fact, I assume that Tom is a former actor or something related, because his voice carried so well and his acting was so good.
The atmosphere was good. The audience seemed very comfortable in the pub garden. They were able to drink and eat as usual. The Red Lion also prepared a special menu (curry and cuscus) for the play. All of the pub staff were wearing the promotional T-shirts and they supplied well printed catalogue (it is not the B&W photocopy). It is only small local event but it have done very professionally and we all satisfied.
After this event, I felt that the summer is completely over.

(会場の)雰囲気はとても良く、観客はパブの中庭で居心地が良さそうでした。中庭での飲食は自由でしたし、レッド・ライオンはこのお芝居の為に特別なメニュー(カレーとクスクス)も用意していました。スタッフは全員宣伝用のTシャツを着てサービスにあたり、立派に印刷された(白黒のコピーなどではない)カタログも提供されました。本当に地元の小さな催ものですが 全てなかなかの出来栄えで皆満足していました。

Perform “The Comedy of Errors” 

The promotional T-shirts 

6 actors and actresses  

  The catalogue