Trevor Jones – A Retrospective

The wall display cabinet in the Layton Room at St. Bride Foundation

It was fortunate that I could manage to see the Trevor Jones exhibition at St. Bride.
There were 58 of his bindings exhibited including 36 bindings commissioned by Duval and Hamilton.
Trevor Jones was a Fellow and Honorary Fellow of Designer Bookbinders and
he was one of the most artistic and influential bookbinders of the 20th century.
He was a very gentle and unassuming person who made imaginative and powerful bindings.
He was the first person to talk with me at my application interview for Licentiate of Designer Bookbinders, asking me the concept behind my design binding.
The biannual bookbinding conference was a good opportunity to see him and I could have a good conversation with him and leaned from him a lot.
This retrospective exhibition reminded me of his art of bookbinding.



The wall display cabinet in the Layton Room at St. Bride Foundation

The Cheerful Warbler  by J. Kendrew