Workshop in Birmingham & Central Region

    The Church Hall at Shottery / St. Andrew’s Parish Centre

On the 10th of February I was invited to give a workshop in Japanese Bookbinding for the Birmingham & Central Region of the Society of Bookbinders.
 This was the third time that I had given a workshop for this region. The first workshop was in March 2003 and second was in August of 2004. Most of the members participating in my most recent workshop were new to me, however, one of the participants mentioned me that he remembered the 2003 workshop.
Both of the previous workshops were held in Malvern but this time the workshop was held in the Church Hall at Shottery, near Stratford-upon-Avon. I used the Leamington Spa station that had faster access from London than the previous venue.
Each member made one “Fukuro Toji”(Four hole binding) and one “Musubi Toji” , the same book that I demonstrated during London Craft Week last year.
The weather was quite miserable, it was cold and rainy day. Although, I can say that it was a suitable day for making things inside a cosy building. The big windows gave us good light to work by. It was an enjoyable Saturday for me. I hope all who attended felt same as me.

2月10日に製本協会(Society of Bookbinders)の「バーミンガムと中央支部」の招待で和綴じの講習会をしてきました。この支部での講習会は今回で3回目です。最初の講習会は2003年の3月で、2度目は2004年の8月でした。今回の参加者の殆どが私にとっては初めてお目にかかる方々でしたが、参加者のお一人は2003年の講習会を覚えているとおっしゃっていました。前の講習会は両方とモルヴァンという所で行われましたが、今回の講習会はストラットフォード・アポン・エイヴォンの近くのショッテリーという所の教会のホールでした。私はレミントン・スパという駅を利用してロンドンからは前回の会場よりずっと早く行くことができました。

Participants are checking the workshop kit 

Folding the covering paper

  Everybody concentrate on their work

  One of the participants finished books of this workshop