The Master Class

  The sing at the corner of Bride Lane and New Bridge Street

During November Designer Bookbinders hold various events.
The Annual Bookbinding competition exhibition started at the St. Bride Foundation last week and a lecture day had held in the Layton Room beside of the exhibition on the 17thof November.
I am pleased to say that every year, the studio students and former students who have entered the DB Competition are amongst the prize winners. This year’s set book for the competition was “The Illustrated Man” by Ray Bradbury. There are a number of very interesting design bindings are in the exhibition.
Please visit the following Designer Bookbinders site and you will be able to see the prize winner’s books.

 There was the Master Class held on 10th and 11th of November, in which I gave a Japanese Box Case workshop, also had held at the St. Bride Foundation. The workshop room called the Guidecca room, probably, it is the smallest room in the St. Bride Foundation. Although, it has reasonable equipment and is well arranged for a workshop up to 6 people. It was very nice class. All who attended were very friendly and keen to learn a new type of box making.

喜ばしいことには、スタジオの生徒さん、かつての生徒さん達が毎年このコンペティションに参加され賞の受賞者となっています。今年のコンンペティションの規定本はレイ・ブラッドベリーの「刺青の男」でした。 数多くの興味深いデザイン製本が展示されています。
11月10日と11日にはマスター・クラスがありました。これは、私が箱帙のワークショップをしたのですが場所は同じくセント・ブライド基金で、ワークショップの部屋はガイデッカ・ルームと呼ばれています。 おそらくこの部屋はセント・ブライド基金では最も小さい部屋だと思われますが、ほどよい設備と6人がワークショップをおこなえるよう部屋がうまく配置されています。とてもよいクラスでした。

The exhibition of the 2018 Annual UK Bookbinding Competition

The Guidecca Room at St. Bride Foundation

The Guidecca Room at St. Bride Foundation

The Master Class participants

One of the participants of the Master Class