Bookbinding Suppliers and Art Shops in London

    “Green and Stone” in the Kings Road

There is no “Tokyu Hands” in the UK (what a shame!), however there are some art and craft shops in central London.
I will just introduce three shops in this month blog. There are main stream shops in London, however the following three shops have character and are very British!

“Shepherds” specialises in bookbinding materials, leather and some tools and is located near Victoria Station.
The shop use to be at Holborn and the shop was known as “Falkiner”. It was named after the previous owner. The name and ownership changed some time ago but some people still call this shop “Falkiner”. Another Shepherds bindery is called “Shepherds”. The shop is in the Gillingham street which is beautifully presented and has very good range of papers and other materials. All the staff are very friendly and helpful. 

“Green and Stone” is arts and crafts material shop located in the Kings Road, Chelsea. It is a lovely shop and has a cosy feeling. Along with the usual art supplies there are some antique items that are to related with arts and crafts.

“ L. Cornelissen & Son” is also arts and crafts shop near The British Museum.
This shop is important for bookbinders, because the shop has good range of gold leaf.
I have known this shop since when I was student at Guildford.





The signboard of “Shepherds”

“Shepherds” in the Gillingham Street

The signboard of “Green and Stone”

Window display of “Green and Stone”

“ L. Cornelissen & Son” in the Great Russell Street