Unusual English Summer

    The light brown colour glasses of the school sports fields

I have never experienced continuous hot days during summer since I moved to England. Although, I feel that the weather is still drier and cooler than a typical Japanese summer, especially this year as some of the Japanese regions have had around 40 degrees compared to 32 degrees in London. I was born in the summer and I like hot weather such as it is in London.
All of my house plants have grown well, however it has not rained for a long time and the school sports fields of the school opposite have turned from a dark green to a light brown colour and the black berries in the Leg O Mutton have withered on the stalk. 
Finally, we had rain last Friday bringing the trees and grasses back to life.
I have thought that it is not necessary to buy an electric fan for the studio until this year. First of all, if I use the electric fan paper and other materials tend to be blown around the studio. Although, it may difficult for the students who are not use to a hot, dry summer. I may buy the one for studio, just for air circulation.

とはいうものの、典型的な日本の夏と比べると空気はまだ乾燥していて涼しく感じます。特に今年は日本の一部の地域で気温が40度前後にまで上がっているのに比べるとロンドンはまだ32度ぐらいです。 私は夏生まれで、今のロンドンのような暑い気候が好きです。

The blackberries had withered on the stalk in the Leg O Mutton

  The lilac had also withered on the stalk in the Leg O Mutton

The discoloured leaves on the Themes path 


  The plants had withered on the stalk at riverside of Thames

The African Violets at home