SOB Workshop at Cheshire

The Four Hole Binding and the Wrap Round Case 

The 15th of February 2014, I was invited to give a workshop for the North Wales & North West Region of the Society of Bookbinders in Japanese Bookbinding.
The Society of Bookbinders (SOB) is one of the bookbinding organisations in UK. SOB has 8 regions in throughout the UK with each region having workshops and other activities. For more details about SOB, please see the website. You will find in the links on my blog.

This is the second time for me to give the workshop at this region. The first time workshop was more than 10 years ago and most of members are changed, but I also find dear old faces as well. The workshop held in the Kelsall Community Centre and 20 people attended.

One of the members (his name is Bob) kindly made the portable workbench for demonstrators. Fortunately I am the first user of this solid workbench and it is superb.
Each members made one “Fukuro Toji”(Four hole binding) and one “Tsubakuro”(Wrap round case) and I demonstrated 4 variations of Sewing.
It was an enjoyable Saturday for me, I hope all who attended felt same as me.




The workbench made by Bob

A Four Hole Binding and Variations
From left : Four Hall binding, Kangxi binding, Tortoise Shell bindng, Hemp-leaf binding

Making the paper thread with Japanese paper

The Four Hall Binding in the Wrap Round Case

Making the Wrap Round Case with a template