Needle Book

A few years ago, one of my students showed me her Needle Book.
To be precise, it is the book for needles. The text block is made with felt and covered with case binding. You can store your sewing needles on the felt pages.
If I remember correctly, she found this in some craft magazine or a book of bookbinding and she made one for herself. It seems simple construction and looks pretty, so immediately I made one for myself.
When I start making, I realize that the felt text block book does not close well as ordinary paper books. So, I used heavier board and change the construction.
This portable needle book is very useful for me and perhaps it is a good present for friend who likes needle work or bookbinding.



This book is the same construction of my student Needle Book

 My first needle book. The size is 70 x 55mm. It is useful but not pretty.

My second needle book. Slightly smaller than first book. I think pretty enough.

It is a different version. Tie up with linen thread.

This book made for the workshop trip of Japanese Binding.