Modigliani Exhibition at Tate Modern

    The Tate Modern exhibition pamphlet


Recently I went to the Modigliani Exhibition at Tate Modern, the exhibition has been on since last November, the exhibition is finishing soon but for information about please see the link below.

I like the Tate Modern’s exhibition pamphlet, I find that it is very a handy size (A6) and I can get the necessary information from it. The pamphlet for the  Modigliani exhibition had a self portrait “Self Portrait as Pierrot “(1915) printed on the first page and another “Self Portrait”(1919) was printed on the last page in symmetrically.

In 1985 there was a big Modigliani exhibition held at the Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. The exhibition was sponsored by a newspaper company and I had a temporary job in the cultural affairs department of this company. I spent most of my time at the company branch office in the Museum of Modern Art whilst the exhibition was held there. I learnt a lot of things through this job and I really enjoyed it. One of the benefits of the job was that I had the chance to have seen Modigliani’s work frequently. At the Tate Modern exhibition, I found several familiar work and I was pleased to find very interesting works that I had not seen before. Unfortunately, I left the 1985 exhibition catalogue in Tokyo, however I still have some post cards, the leaflet and a staff badge here in the UK.



 The first page of the exhibition pamphlet

 The last page of the exhibition pamphlet

 The leaflet and ticket of the Modigliani exhibition from the 1985 in Tokyo

Postcards from the 1985 exhibition in Tokyo. 
These drawings are also in the Tate Modern exhibition

 A staff badge from the Modigliani exhibition in Tokyo