Oxford Punt

    The landscape form The Cherwell Boathouse 

I went to Oxford last weekend for a family event.
Oxford is not so far from London and I always felt that it is a nice and present city.
Usually, I go to the city center to visit exhibitions or book fairs.
This time, the family and myself went to The Cherwell Boathouse. I do not know the weekdays atmosphere but when we went to the Sunday evening, it was very calm and quiet. The Cherwell Boathouse is a punt station and also has a nice restaurant.
A Punt is a small boat made for shallow rivers and is propelled by using a long pole.
You may have chance to see a man who is wearing the boater in a punt with pole at river in Oxford. It was a little bit windy but nice and beautiful summer evening.
More information about the punt and the boathouse please see the site as below.



The restaurant of The Cherwell Boathouse 

Out side of The Cherwell Boathouse 

Punts and ducks