Emery Walker’s House

    The outside of Emery Walker’s House

I have previously written about Emery Walker’s House in my posts for January 2016 and October 2017. 
The house is in Hammersmith, only half an hour walk from the studio. The house has recently been renovated, so I went to the house with a friend who lives in the neighbourehood. It is a terraced house with only 8 visitors allowed at a time to attend the guided tour. Sir Emery Walker was an important figure in the Arts and Craft movement and a friend of William Morris. Though I am not particularly interested in his life, the house is in good condition and I enjoyed the guide tour. The weather was gorgeous on the day we visited and I admired the view from the garden.
Taking pictures is prohibited inside the house however we could take some nice pictures in the garden.
One of the reasons that I wanted to visit Walker's house is that I might have a chance to see the original Doves Press Type. Because, Mr. R. Green who, after a number of years, recently found the original Doves Press Type that T.J .Cobden-Sanderson threw from Hammersmith Bridge at the end of the working day, mentioned that he will donate half of the type to the Emery Walker Trust. However, the tour guide told us that the type is still in process and it has not reached the E.W. Trust yet. In that respect, I was slightly disappointed.
If you would like to know more about the Emery Walker’s House, please see the following site.

エメリー・ウォーカーの家を訪ねたかった理由の一つは、もしかしたらダヴィス・プレス活字の原物を見ることが出来るかもしれないと思ったからです。晩年のT.J.コブデン-サンダスンがハマースミス橋から川にダヴィス・プレスの活字を投げてから何年もの後、近年になってそれを救済したR. グリーン氏が、その発見した活字の半分をエメリー・ウォーカー・トラストに寄付をすると言及されていたからです。

The view of the Thames River from the E. Walker’s House garden

 The E. Walker’s House garden

The E. Walker’s House guide leaflet

The E. Walker’s House guide leaflet