Designer Bookbinders International Competition Award Ceremony

     “Heroic Work” in the Blackwell Hall of the Bodleian’s new Weston Library, Oxford

On the 17th of July, the award winners of the Designer Bookbinders International Competition ( DBIC ) was announced at the Weston Library in Oxford. The Weston Library is the New Bodleian Library that the building newly renovated and it has opened in public March 2015. Both the award ceremony and exhibition held in the beautiful modern entrance hall to this Library. The DBIC 2017 is the third international competition organised by DB and the Bodleian Library. The theme of the competition is “Myths, Heroes and Legends” and the exhibition title is “Heroic Works”.
There are 28 awards which included the “Sir Paul Getty Bodleian Prizes”, “DB Distinguished Awards” and “Oxford University Students’ Choice”. All the prizewinning bindings can be seen on the DB website as below.

I received one of the “DB Distinguished Awards” (award for the 25 best bindings in this competition) and these binders
were given the certificate, also a silver and perspex Doric Column.
Each prize winner was awarded the prize by the core sponsor Mr. Mark Getty who is the son of the late Sir. Paul Getty.
The award winners came from all over the world, for example ,Taiwan, Canada, USA and European countries.
After the award ceremony, we had the opportunity to talk with these binders. I found some familiar faces with the bookbinders from the USA. It was very enjoyable time as we could share our same interest with many other people from around the world.

I bound “The Serpent with Eight Heads” which is Japanese myth translated by Basil Hall Chamberlain, published by Japanese publisher Takejiro Hasegawa 1886. (*Please see this blog October 2016)
The binding technique is Japanese Tekagamijo. Each pages jointed with blue silk cloth. Frond and back boards covered with hand dyed leather circles ( more than 1,400 circles ), individually sewn and pasted onto Japanese paper.
Pages in English printed from original book are mixed with pages translated into Japanese.
The whole binding work contained the original book which is in the box with the design binding. The original book is good condition although the binding thread changed to the new silk thread that the silk thread colour coordinate with the design binding. Light blue coloure represents the got of sea, and the board decoration the serpent.

“Heroic Works” Exhibition touring dates 2017
Weston Library, Oxford - 18 July - 20 August
Library of Birmingham - 23 August - 28 September
St Bride Foundation, London - 2-14 October
North Bennet Street School, Boston, USA - 3 November - 22 December
The Exhibition at this venue will comprise the 28 Prizewinners and 8 USA binders ONLY.

 今月17日、デザイナー・ブックバインダーズ国際製本コンペティションの授賞式がオックスフォードのウェストン図書館で行われました。ウェストン図書館は新ボドリアン図書館が新たに改装された建物で20153月より一般公開されています。授賞式は作品の展示とともにこの図書館の美しく近代的なエントランスホールで開催されました。デザイナー・ブックバインダーズとボドリアン図書館主催によるDB国際製本コンペティションは今回で3回目です。コンペティションでのテーマは「神話、英雄、伝説」で、展覧会のタイトルは「Heroic Works」です。(直訳すると「英雄的作品」ですが「大胆な作品群」というような感じだと思います。)授賞作品は28点で「ポール・ゲッティ卿、ボドリアン賞」、「デザイナー・ブックバインダーズ秀逸賞」、オックスフォード大学の学生によって選ばれた「特別賞」があります。全ての授賞作品は上記のDBのウェブサイトでご覧いただけます。



Heroic Work」展の2017年巡回の日程は下記のとおりです。
ウェストン図書館 [オックスフォード]  7 18   8 20
バーミンガム図書館 [バーミンガム]    8 23 9 28
セント・ブライド基金 [ロンドン]     10   2 1014
ノース・ベネット専門学校 [ボストン]    113 1222

“Heroic Work” in the Blackwell Hall

  After the award ceremony

   “DB Distinguished Awards” display cabinet

“The Serpent with Eight Heads” Front and Back board of Design Binding 

“The Serpent with Eight Heads” the text of Design binding

  “The Serpent with Eight Heads” Original book, Design Binding & Box