London Craft Week and ABA

  “Covered” exhibition at St. Bride Foundation

Designer Bookbinders in conjunction with St Bride Institute and Shepherds Bookbinders participated in the “London Craft Week” for the first time at the St Bride Institute. “Covered”, the annual DB exhibition opened during the “London Craft Week” and several bookbinding demonstrations were held on the 7th of May.
While I was invigilating the exhibition, half of the visitors were new faces who had found out about the exhibition though the “London Craft Week” publicity. Also the number of people attending the demonstrations were healthy. It seems that the attempt was successful.
Another book related event in this month was the ABA International Book Fair at Olympia.
This year, the event area was changed with the demonstration area being in the same space as the book dealers with the stands being bigger than in previous years. I went on the Friday morning that is the second day for the fair.
On that day, the demonstration area had a good crowd and it seems that the stand layout of this year is also successful.

More information about the “London Craft Week” and the ABA International Book Fair, please see the website as below.




「ロンドン・クラフト・ウィーク」と「ABA 国際ブックフェア」に関して詳しくは上記ウェブサイトをご覧ください。

“Covered” exhibition at St. Bride Foundation

  Sing poster for “London Craft Week”

  One of the Bookbinding demonstration for the “London Craft Week” open day

ABA Book Fair demonstration Designer Bookbinders stand  

ABA Book Fair demonstration Studio 5 stand (sponsored by Abby Schoolman)