Doves Press Type

West side of the south pier of Hammersmith Bridge, where Cobden-Sanderson stood to drop Doves type into the river. 
[This photograph taken near the former Doves Press]

At the beginning of this month I attended a Designer Bookbinders lecture, “Salvaging the Doves Press Type” by Robert Green.
I had previously seen Mr. Green on the BBC Breakfast program on TV last year.
I found the article very interesting because Mr. Green had found the Doves Press Type in the River Thames under Hammersmith Bridge.
Hammersmith Bridge is only 5 minutes walk away from this studio. Each time I pass over Hammersmith Bridge, I have always thought about the type that T.J. Cobden-Sanderson had thrown in to the river from the bridge about a hundred years ago.
It is a very famous story for bookbinders and typographers that in 1916 T.J.Cobden-Sanderson decided to close the Doves Press (so called because it was named after The Doves pub nearby) and after the days printing he would throw the type into the River Thames.
Mr. Green is a graphic designer and typographer. He began his project to revive the typeface in 2010 and after spending three years making digital version, finally he found the original typeface.
Mr. Greens first address to the audience was that he was deeply moved that he could give a lecture at Art Workers Guild Hall where T.J. Cobden-Sanderson also gave a lecture more than hundred years ago.
He read all the journals that T.J. Cobden-Sanderson wrote. He also read “The Doves Press” by Dr. Marianne Tidcombe (It is published by The British Library) and after further research he eventually he found 151 pieces of type. He donated half of the type to the Emery Walker Trust * on a permanent loan, keeping the rest himself. 
[Emery Walker was the business partner of T.J. Cobden-Sanderson in the early stages of The Doves Press and he was involved to a large part in the design of the typeface.]

If you would like to know more about the salvaging of the type please see the following site.


ロバート・グリーン氏を最初に見たのは昨年BBCの朝のテレビ番組ブレックファーストです。グリーン氏がハマースミスの橋の下からタヴス・プレスの活字を発見したと言うニュースにとても興味をひかれました。ハマースミスの橋はこのスタジオから歩いて5分程の所にあります。私はいつもハマースミスの橋を渡る度に百年前、T.J.コブデンサンダスンがこの橋の上から川に投げ入れた活字のことを思っていました。これは、製本や活字印刷の関係者には有名な話で、1916年にT.J.コブデン-サンダスンはダヴィス・プレスを閉じるにあたり全ての印刷を終えた後に活字を(母型も含めて)全てテームズ川に投げ入れたのです。(余談:何故この名前になったかというと、近所のThe Dovesというパブに因んでつけられたものです)


“The New Science Museum”A Letter, with additions, Addressed to the Editor of “The Times” 16 September 1913
Original print by “The Doves Press” that I bought it ten years ago.

Watermark of two doves breasting a perch above the initials C-S and EW

15 Upper Mall, T.J. Cobden-Sanderson founded the Doves Press and the Doves Bindery in this house and later lived and died here

The Doves pub

7 Hammersmith Terrace, Sir Emery Walker lived here and is at present the “Emery Walker Trust”