Recycling of Marbled Paper

The summer dress with the roll up Marbled Paper necklace

It is difficult for me to throw away beautiful Marbled Papers, even small pieces.
So, I have quite a good selection of beautiful but useless pieces of Marble Paper off cuts.
I say “useless” because the majority of these off cuts are short grain and are of limited to use for bookbinding.
However, there is a way to use the paper. For example accessories.
I simply roll up a strip of paper with a knitting needle and stick the end down with PVA, creating a paper bead.
The variety of marble papers makes for unexpected colour and patters with each bead being unique.
It is not only marble papers, the bookbinding printed endpapers also make interesting beads.
I think that the design of these necklaces has something in common with the design of a headband.
One of the reasons why I made these accessories is because I was looking for a necklace for my new summer dress but I could not find any that I liked or went with the dress in the shops.
Unfortunately, the weather this summer, in the UK, is not as hot as I expected. I still have not had a chance to wear my new summer dress and necklace !



Strips of Marbled papers, Marbled paper’s beads, transparent beads and the necklace

The bookbinding printed endpapers, black beads and the necklace

A Marbled paper, black beads, red crystal beads and the necklace