Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

 ABA Book fair entrance banner

This year is the 150th anniversary for the first publication of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ”.
There are several events happening that celebrate with this anniversary in UK.
The annual “Antiquarian Book Association (ABA) Olympia Book Fair also chose “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ” for this years theme. The entrance and exit boards are charming illustrations Alice's adventures. The exhibitors could get a free drink tickets during the fair on production of a card again with Alice’s illustrations. In the coffee shop, there is a playing card on the each table and the conductor of this fair was wearing the "Mad Hatters" hat.
I helped at the “Designer Bookbinders” stand as same as last year. However, I feel that this year ABA is much lively than last year and much more people came this event.
Is it the Alice’s Magic ? 

英国ではこの記念を祝って様々な催しが 行われています。

The Information board

The ABA Fair entrance board and Exit board

The coffee shop stand

The coffee shop table

The free drink tickets for the exhibitors