Present for an acquaintance

The Folio and The Note Book

March is the end of the financial year and some people life is changes at this time of year.
For example, two of my Japanese friends are going back to Japan for their husband business.
They lived in London for the last few years and it must be big life change when they back to Japan. Our group of five occasionally meet and go to exhibitions or enjoy lunch. Now two people are leaving London and three are left. I am missing in this present company.

 Ms. M is one of my acquaintance. I met her five years ago through her work and she is extremely good at her work. However, she decided to leave her job for various reasons and start new life from this April.
In fact, I do not know her personally because of I met her through work and I cannot say she is my friend. However, I would like to her the best of luck with her new life.
I made the notebook and with folio for her. Perhaps it is quite ordinary but I think it is quite useful. I used marbled paper for the folio pocket for looks nice but single marbled paper is not strong enough for the pockets, so I put the fray not for inside lining.
It is quite difficult to make things without knowing persons taste that the different to making something for friend.



The marbled paper has lined with fray not

The Folio and The Note Book

The Folio can used as a case for an iPad mini