Exhibition, Workshop, Demonstration and a Cold

“Midwinter” by Miriam Macgregor exhibited in the “Inside OUT”

This year, May started with beautiful weather and so many things happened.
First, a student came over from Japan to study bookbinding with me. She is staying in the UK for 7 weeks to study books, bookbinding, book arts and perhaps a little bit of English culture.
Wednesday the 14th, the private view of the “Inside OUT ” exhibition held at St. Bride Foundation. Fortunately my book sold, unfortunately I caught a cold that night. The exhibition is on until the 22nd of August, then across the Atlantic to the USA for a touring exhibition starting in September. The first venue is at the Houghton Library, Cambridge, MA.
Please follow the link for more information.

Saturday the 17th, I gave a workshop for the Society of Bookbinders London & South region. Many people attended the workshop and they made two types of Japanese picture albums. I really enjoyed their company, but my cold got worse. After resting for few days fighting the cold and winning, I managed to face a last event in this month.
Thursday the 22nd, I gave a demonstration in Japanese Binding at the Antiquarian Books Fair in Olympia. I just happened to be passing a stand and saw a Japanese Picture Book.  It was the same book construction that I did it for the SOB workshop the previous weekend.  

14日の水曜日には、Inside OUTという製本の展覧会のオープニング・レセプションが展示会場でもあるSt. Bride Foundationにて行われました。その晩、運良く私の本は売れたのですが、運悪く風邪菌を拾ってしまいました。この展覧会は8月22日まで開催しておりますが、その後は大西洋を横断し、9月からはアメリカで巡回展覧会が行われます。アメリカでの最初の展示は、マサチューセッツのケンブリッジにあるホートン図書館です。アメリカ巡回展の詳しいことに関しては、下記のサイトをご覧ください。



Workshop for SOB London & South Region at Congregation Church

Workshop for SOB London & South Region at Congregation Church

Demonstration at the Antiquarian Book Fair

Japanese Picture book at the Antiquarian Book Fair