Revenge - Eleven Dark Tales -

The completed Design Binding of “REVENGE”

Yoko Ogawa’s “REVENGE” again, however this time it is my Design Binding for the “Covered” exhibition at St. Bride Foundation.  The sub title of “REVENGE” is “eleven dark tales” this book is a collection of short stories. These eleven tales are individual however, each story is connected with either the previous or following story in some way. The third tail, about a widow called “Old Mrs. J” is a wired story that I particularly found interesting. Old Mrs. J is the owner of some orchards growing different fruits including Kiwi and is also the landlady of a block of flats where the storyteller lives. The storyteller describes her peculiar daily life and their relationship. One day, Mrs. J harvested a hand-shaped carrot in her garden ………

This hand-shaped carrot forms the core of this story and is wonderfully grotesque. Alongside the carrot the Kiwi also features, resulting in the completed design. Please see the photograph above.I dyed the paper with cooked carrot juice and used this for the endpapers. It seems that carrot pigment is not as  vibrant as I first thought, the actual colour being a natural faint yellow. I did a little bit of art work on this paper.

The “Covered” exhibition is held until 10th of May by entering the St. Bride Foundation in London.
From 1st - 10th May (enter via reception up the steps) entry may be restricted so please check before travelling. (0207 353 3331)

Yoko Ogawa recently received the 63rd Award from the Ministry of Education in the Art Encouragement Prizes in Japan.

再び、小川洋子さんの「Revenge」です。但し、今回はSt. Bride Foundationでの「Covered」という展覧会の為に作ったデザイン製本の話です。
今回イギリスで出版された「Revenge」のサブタイトルは「Eleven Dark tales ( 十一の暗い物語)」となっています。この短編集のそれぞれの話は独立していますが、何らかの形で次の話や前の話とつながっています。私は3つ目の「老婆J」というのが気に入り、それをテーマにデザインしました。


Covered」展は、St. Bride FoundationLayton Roomで開催されています。5月1日〜10日の期間は時間帯によっては入室制限があるので事前にSt. Bride Foundation 受付(0207 353 3331までお問い合わせ下さい。

                                 The Design Binding and the box

                                  Art work for the endpapers

“COVERED” at St. Bride Foundation, London